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Support yourself in life and business with the nurturing power of nature and a whole host of energy based practices and solutions.

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As you move through life, change is inevitable. The last few years have been particularly stressful for most and you, like others, may feel like your life is on hold. We have all suffered. Mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Unsure when life can, or even will, restart again. Stress levels have risen considerably and the fear of being judged has increased to unprecedented levels.  If you add to that hormonal changes then things can seem insurmountable.

I empathise with you. I’ve had a wobble or two myself over the years and recently it has been difficult to cope on the worst days. I have a cry then reach into my Essential Oils and Essences tool box and find just what I need to bring me back into focus, to give me a mental boost and even out that emotional rollercoaster. I include Yoga into my day to help my body cope physically and when I get a quiet moment or two I focus on my breathing as a mini meditation.

If you are feeling any of this too but aren’t sure where, how or even if you can get into a routine to get you out of your rut then I’m here to help. I’ve helped many women to kickstart their lives, bring calm and serenity to their day and feel fulfilled and happy with themselves. As a practicing Holistic Therapist I have some many extra things in my toolbox to help you on your journey back to you. 

No chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs. No potential unknown harmful side effects. No long term substance dependency. Everything in my tool box is supplied by nature! 

I can work with you in many ways. I currently have 3 programs and you can choose which is best suited to your immediate needs. If you aren’t sure where to start then I suggest the Wise Woman Consultation, 90 minutes of expert listening to create a solution tailored to you. If you are a woman going through the Menopause Journey then my 12 week Mananging Menopause Naturally could be the perfect solution. New into the fold is my Transformational Guided Alchemy, a bespoke tailored support program for you, the sensitive woman who needs subtle yet strong intuitive guidance to help overcome setbacks or obstacles and move closer to your desired outcome.

There are Yoga and Meditation classes to support all these programs and you are welcome to attend any of these, even if you aren’t part of one of the programs. 

TBC April 2024

Join me for a wonderful weekend of yoga, soul support and nurturing in High Trenhouse, set in beautiful secluded grounds in the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. Early Bird Booking £480 (normally £680)

I’m Diane Campbell, natural healer and Holistic Therapist. I founded the Lavender Room in 1995 to bring you a wealth and varied knowledge and expertise from 26 years working in the holistic and complementary health sector.

My unique combination of energy and hands on therapies work effectively in supporting your  individual needs.

I specialise in Natural holistic therapies and Managing Menopause Naturally, where I support women through each phase of menopause and beyond. Helping you through the often difficult transition using a range of supportive tools.

The same issues or symptoms experienced by women at other times of life can be supported using wisdom from nature – Sleep issues, fear, anxiety, mind fog, or general transitions in life.

Alongside therapies including Aromatherapy, Essential oils and Flower essences I use yoga as therapy including Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga postures.

Diane Campbell, Holistic Therapist, owner at The Lavender Room, Wirral

Getting back to you!  Consultations and Courses with an empathic Holistic Therapist

Wise woman consultations for wellness

Wise Woman Consultation

Getting back to you, transformational guided alchemy

Transformational Guided Alchemy

Managing Menopause Naturally

Wise Woman Consultation

Support yourself in life and business with the nurturing power of nature and a whole host of energy based practices and solutions.

Take advantage of this amazing transformational experience and book yourself 90 minutes of positivity. Create the life your soul is yearning for.

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