Full Moon brings Men to Yoga    men-1179452_1920

The holiday period is reaching its peak where class numbers are traditionally lower leading up to the bank holiday. At a gym where yoga classes are mostly populated with women. I was pleased to notice that there were a high percentage of men taking the class, Just under half of the class; the highest percentage I’ve experienced. It’s great to see more regular guys embracing yoga.

I hesitated for a moment wondering if a slight alteration my planned lesson would be wise, I didn’t want to scare them off with my theme, it was more spiritual than usual. I trusted that they wouldn’t run for the door screaming, I was right to trust my instincts, the feedback was very positive.

Why is yoga becoming more acceptable for men, is it because more footballers and sportsmen admit to practicing this ancient art? There’s plenty of yoga styles to choose from strong, fitness, flow, restorative some with pranayama (breathing) practices and meditation others purely physical. Find the one that suits.

I’ve had lots of feedback from regular students this week about my yoga, how they experience it and the benefits they enjoy. By far the most popular words used were relaxing and calming, some walk into class feeling heavy and burnt out and leave feeling light, balanced and recharged.

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In The Treatment Room

This week has seen so many people struggling with past problems. Old stuff they thought had been dealt with many times before. Also feeling ungrounded, residing in their head needing to grow roots and connect with the earth.

 How to release and ground

  1. Take off your shoes & stand on the ground particularly outside
  2. Visualise roots growing down from your feet into the earth
  3. Breathe deep into your belly
  4. Take flower essences eg. Dandelion, snowdrop, Boab

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