Wise Woman Consultation with Diane

Support yourself in life and business with the nurturing power of nature and a whole host of energy based practices and solutions.

Are you someone who shies away from the limelight, not wanting to be seen or judged? Perhaps you’re always there but tend to be in the background, unseen with the idea of being visible filling you with sheer terror?

Have you always been told that “you’re too sensitive” or that you should “toughen up”?

Often introverted and empathic people feel uncomfortable when we listen to any of those dynamic, confident motivational speaker personalities and maybe shudder at the thought of following their lead.  Does the idea of formal business planning bring you out in a cold sweat or even reduce you to a blubbering mess and you’re struggling with who you are, in both your life and business?

It’s not the same “one off” solution for everyone, I use my skills and intuition to select the right combination of therapy modalities and knowledge to give you the best experience and transformational opportunity.


Wise Woman Consultations tailored to you.

Take advantage of this amazing transformational experience and book yourself 90 minutes of positivity. Create the life your soul is yearning for.

Cost £97

The wisdom comes from the following Modalities

  • Flower and Vibrational essences
  • Aromatherapy Essential oils used energetically or therapeutically
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Dowsing
  • NLP techniques
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Meditation
  • Nature and Lunar Cycles
  • Yoga
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu

    I have an array of modalities at my finger tips for your support and well-being.

    What will this mean for me?

    Wise Woman Consultations to get your vibrations back in line

    This will allow you to release negative mindset or subconscious blockages from old conditioning or habits and empower you to break free from the mould and find your own unique way of working and creating the life that your soul has been yearning.

    It will feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from your body; You will feel as if your lungs can expand fully as the burden of falsehood is lifted and you now begin to recognise that wonderful person that you are and value your worth.

    Your personal combination of modalities will gently guide you in a supportive and nurturing way to overcome challenges, feel the freedom, achieve your goal and find sovereignty.

    This is for you if you’re looking to make changes in your life, work or relationships in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

    It’s taken me a lifetime to realise that I’m not failing I’m just different to others, I use my feelings to navigate much more than logic to find solutions.

    My life has been filled with amazing discoveries. I’ve met wonderful people who have taught me who I am, who I’m not and to trust my intuitive knowledge, wisdom and practical skills and reclaim sovereignty.

    I’ve been using a unique combination of resources that I’ve learned over my lifetime and maybe prior ancestral gifts too, in order to empower Women like you in making deep rooted improvements to their life experience and empowering them to implement the changes required to achieve this.

    Whether that’s finding a new career that truly resonates with you; or starting a new life somewhere different or even building confidence to move on from a situation or relationship that no longer works for you.

    So, if you feel like you need something different and new or you’ve felt your soul longing for fulfilment of its purpose and you have no idea where to start, I could be the person you’ve been searching for; whether or not you realised it before!

    To find out more about how I can help you, book your space with me where we can discuss how to begin to transform your life.

    What you can expect from our session…


    • You will be heard and held in a supportive space
    • Together we will recognise the barriers holding you back
    • Identify what you wish to overcome or achieve
    • Recommendation of tools to initiate change
    • Initial practice – Gain skills to practice
    • Craft a product tailored to your unique needs  – This could be a bottle of Flower Essence treatment, an Aromatherapy product, a bespoke Meditation practice


      Wise Woman Consultations tailored to you.

      Take advantage of this amazing transformational experience and book yourself 90 minutes of positivity. Create the life your soul is yearning for.

      Cost £97


      I didn’t really believe that flower essences could ever make much difference and tried them out of curiosity. I was amazed to discover that those little bottles of Flower magic are incredibly powerful.  I was able to overcome my total fear of giving a presentation for a new job role which was successful. ~ Sarah B

      I wanted help with a physical issue which resulted in my having tinnitus. I had a horrible constant ringing in my ears. I was taught the simple method of using EFT and I was blown away with the fact that this totally natural, simple sequence cleared up the tinnitus. ~ Jane D

      I was struggling to focus at work and avoided socialising due to debilitating hormonal symptoms. I was in constant discomfort throughout my menstrual cycle and found it difficult to function in life. I had a series of Reflexology treatments from Diane and also started to use a “balance” lotion that was recommended and was made for me. This was the only treatment that has ever made a difference to my symptoms, my cycle has settled into a normal rhythm and I realise now just how much I was missing out on in life due to this issue. I am extremely grateful for the expertise Diane shared with me. ~ Sian D

      What’s Included in a 90 minute session?

      • The session will be Recorded, allowing you to focus on the session without needing to make notes.
      • Receive recommendations for relevant books or websites to deepen your experience and cement the skills
      • Any bespoke product where relevant; this may be a personalised essence treatment bottle, Aromatherapy essential oil product, Mediation recording or EFT sequence.

      I look forward to meeting you and sharing the magic of Nature and the many ways of guiding and supporting you.


      Wise Woman Consultations tailored to you.

      Take advantage of this amazing transformational experience and book yourself 90 minutes of positivity. Create the life your soul is yearning for.

      Cost £97


      Just to reasure you, I am fully insured and hold the following specific qualifications (and a few more).

      • Centra certificate in Person Centred counselling Level ll
      • Bio- Energetic healing levels l, ll & lll
      • Tera-Mai Reiki l, ll & Reiki Master

      ITEC Advanced level Therapy qualifications in:

      • Anatomy, Physiology & Swedish Massage (1995) Aromatherapy (1996) Nutrition & Diet (1997) Reflexology (2000)
      • IIHHT therapy consultation in Indian Head Massage (1999)
      • Academy of On-Site Massage- Seated Acupressure Massage (2002)
      • Inner Power Associates Advanced Holistic Life Coaching (2006)
      • Tara School of Hypnotherapy Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (2004)
      • Tara School of Hypnotherapy Master practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP (2004)
      • City & Guilds Cert in Teaching Adult Learners
      • Thermo-Auricular Therapy + Otoscope (2003)
      • Bach Flower Essence training (2001)
      • Katseye Blends Aromatherapy product teacher training (2000)
      • Skin Buddy Product Making (2011)
      • BFVEA Advanced Practitioner Flower & Vibrational Essence (2014)
      • British wheel of Yoga (BWY) Yoga Teaching Diploma (2009)
      • Yoga Alliance 22-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (2019)
      • Yoga Alliance 22-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (2019)
      • Yoga Alliance 30- hour Meditation Teacher Training (2020)