About Diane, owner at The Lavender Room, Wirral

I’m Diane and I’ve been running The Lavender Room based in Wirral, since 2000. I enjoy working with Nature and natural products and use them first when treating myself and my loved ones.

I’ve been interested in complementary therapies for over 30 years and started collecting qualifications in various disciplines in 1995.

My therapy qualifications started in counseling and Aromatherapy and continued with different styles of massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Flower Essences and Yoga. I enjoy passing on the skills I’ve gained to the next generation of therapists.

I use my wide knowledge base and experience to create a bespoke treatment for each Client. This may mean using essential oils in an Aromatherapy massage with the addition of Flower Essences and supportive products to use at home such as a product to steam inhale for sinus problems. I use shea butter in Reflexology treatments with added essential oils for grounding or other specific symptoms.

Regular Clients and friends often seek advice for specific problems such as menopausal symptoms, sleep issues or anxiety and depression. I recommend products I create and treatment plans where needed.

Diane, owner at The Lavender Room, Wirral

To book an appointment, do give me a call or send an email to Diane@TheLavenderRoom.co.uk

“You don’t have to be ill to enjoy the benefits of complementary therapies. Many clients come to unwind from the stress of modern day living with a totally relaxing experience. The therapies can be used as prevention, like having your body serviced.”