26th August 2016

There have been lots of people with minor issues, nigman-461195_1280gly twinges and irritations this week; many have had back ache from old injuries or generally overdoing it in the gym or garden. I’ve very much focused classes on supporting backs, releasing tension and strengthening back muscles.

3 Postures for Back support.

  1. Lie on your back on the floor, hug knees over the chest and gently rock side to side whilst releasing the weight of the body to the floor.


  1. Lie with your back on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor. Breathe in and as you exhale press the lower back into the floor by tilting the pelvis. Inhale and tilt the pelvis the opposite way, increasing the lumbar arch of the spine. Do this slowly at first for a few times, then rock the pelvis more quickly allowing the tension in the pelvis to be released.


  1. Same semi-supine position with feet on the floor for a gentle option, or hug knees in over the body. Arms open into a cross shape at shoulder height. Inhale then lower legs to the floor on the right side as you exhale. Lift legs back to the centre as you inhale then lower to the left as you exhale.


In the Treatment Room

The focus this week has been about supporting Clients with symptoms around stress and anxiety. I’ve a range of modalities to choose from and select the most relevant for the individual. I look at the cause of the stress and see if I can address this first then work at relieving symptoms.

The strain is beginning to show as the summer holidays come in to their final weeks, stretching the patience and finances and then there’s school uniform buying bringing additional challenges. An Aromatherapy massage would be wonderful if only you could get away from the mayhem.

Our Aromatherapy blends to bring the spa into your home restoring calm and peace if only until it all starts again tomorrow. Whether you need a quick fix with a room spray to clear the air of negativity, Aromatherapy products to add to your bath with therapeutic properties helping to relax the body and mind, improving sleep.

Abundance products are in demand too, harnessing the power of vibrational medicine with or without the fragrance of essential oils. Checkout photos on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Thelavenderroom/uk


As the seasons begin to change from summer to autumn, it’s time to nurture ourselves. A great way to nurture is to book yourself a Yoga retreat, a 1 day event in Wirral on Sunday 11th September as a taster session or a weekend in Llandudno 30th September- 2nd October. Check out our events here www.thelavenderroom.co.uk/classes/workshops-and-weekends/

Plan a wonderful week in the summer next year doing some gentle yoga, recharging your body and mind. Eat wonderful food lovingly prepared by our hosts in rural South West France