Oh my word… feeling hot, hot, hot!

Ways of Cooling your body

Last Thursday it was the hottest day we’ve experienced in the UK in a very long time and Boy was it hot!

Although temperatures have cooled a little since then, it’s still warm, humid and heavy and people are struggling to sleep.

Yoga students have been feeling lethargic, I’ve been addressing this with basic stretching and strengthening posture work, trying not to raise temperatures further; it’s been like hot yoga in the practise spaces without air conditioning.

Luckily, we have Yoga tools to help including the Cooling breath Sitali or Sheetali and here’s a list of things you can do to help to keep you cool.

Tips for keeping Cool


  • Wear cooling, loose fitting, natural fibre clothing
  • Practise the Cooling breath Sitali or Sheetali
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid being out in the midday-3pm sun.

Night time

  • Lightweight quilt or sheet only
  • Cooling Fan (you can place freezer blocks or frozen water bottles in front of the fan to increase the effects.
  • Fill a “hot water bottle” with iced water
  • Wrap a freezer block in a plastic bag and thin cloth or face cloth
  • Cooling Spray -Use cold water in a spray bottle or try one of my Aromatherapy cooling spray containing essential oils known for cooling eg. Peppermint
  • If it’s a hormonal “Hot Flush” there’s a “Hot Stuff” Aromatherapy spray containing essential oils known to support hormone rebalance.
  • Lift the hatch to the loft
  • Cooling pillows & Sheets are available now too.

Enjoy the summer and keep yourself cool