sleep-330869_192022nd July 2016

This week has seen the hottest days of the year so far and as usual we’re totally unprepared. Personally, I’m really not very good in the heat and my fair skin burns easily if I spend any time outdoors unprotected.
There’s been a lot of exhausted people showing up on their yoga mats in classes this week, many not sleeping in the heat. I love to equip students with relevant Yoga tools to help in everyday life and this week our Pranayama (Breathing) practice has been the cooling breaths Sitali or Sheetali. To use this simple breathing technique roll your tongue into a “straw” and breathe in through it, if your genetics don’t allow you to roll your tongue, simply suck air in through the teeth.

I’ve been lucky enough to sleep well despite the heat, here are some of my tried and tested tips for keeping cool at night.
• Wrap a freezer block in a cloth/ tea towel or pillow case and use it like a’ hot’ water bottle
• Fill a hot water bottle with cold water
• Place a scarf or towel soaked in cold water and wrung out on the back of your neck
• Wet & wring out a large scarf or sarong and use this as a sheet to sleep under
• Use a cooling spray of essential oils such as my therapeutic blend (great for hot flushes) or Peppermint.
The yoga Asana practice this week has been gentle, restorative and progressive with a theme based around the Full moon on Tuesday (the hottest day) including a Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar) gentle inversions and a Full moon meditation.

Meanwhile in the treatment room the theme for the week has been Aromatherapy massage and bespoke product solutions for supporting Meniere’s (an ear problem causing dizziness) A Bug busting spray insect repellent and bite treatment rollerball for happy holidays.
Last summer the insect repellent spray got rave reviews from a Client attending a wedding in Jamaica, she was the only person not to be bitten by mosquitos.
If you’re off on holidays this week, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family doing as much or as little as you’d wish.