I’ve missed blogging for a few weeks as many of you know, I’ve not been idle, I’ve had a very busy few weeks in November before I Set off on a wonderful tour of the Golden Triangle in North India.


India is an amazing place, I’d left it just long enough to forget the negative effects India can have on a person. It’s a country of extremes, the very poor exist in the dust and dirt of the streets amongst amazing opulent buildings like the Taj Mahal in Agra. It’s so noisy, with car horns a constant sound and the roads so busy with 6 lanes of traffic or more jostling for position in the 2 marked lanes. Our car got squashed between 2 buses in Delhi in slow moving traffic and became easy to spot with its orange scrape down the wing but nobody seemed too bothered.

The air quality in Delhi was poor with many opting to wear face masks to filter the air. We arrived the day that the 1000 & 500 Rupee notes were scrapped so overnight retailers refused to accept them. My gut feeling shortly before the announcement was made was to only change £50 and this proved to be a good decision; we still managed to spend the affected notes.

Jaipur – The Pink City is pretty, we took a rickshaw ride through the tiny market streets watching the sights, sounds and smells pass by at close range and marveled at the Cris-crossed electricity wiring overhead.

Jaipur was the city where animal spotting was most varied, there were adorned elephants wandering through the streets heading home after a dull day of trudging up & down to the fort. (Which saddened me, I love elephants) Camels used for pulling carts, cows wandering around the roads, dogs which are totally ignored by people and the two co-exist. The goats live like dogs do in the UK, like precious pets. We saw monkeys in a few areas and also pigs which resembled wild boar scrabbling around in the dirt and refuse.

We saw hand knotted carpets being made, block printing of cotton, and hand polished gems from raw stones to finished jewellery and inlaid marble.

The highlight of the tour was probably the first glimpse of the Taj Mahal, you see it through a Persian shaped arch and it has a profound effect, it’s a moving experience. We saw the sun reflecting in the gems inlaid in the marble, it’s a beautiful sight.

We flew to Amritsar and saw the Golden temple in daylight and again in the evening lit up for a big celebration of a birthday of their first teacher (a book) we were made to feel very welcome and shared the beautiful energy of this area.

We traveled to the Pakistan border to watch the border ceremony and lowering of the flag, it was entertaining and reminded me of a pantomime.

We enjoyed wonderful, tasty food which mostly consisted of dhal and paneer, we were invited into a home and shown how to make chapattis, Tarka Dahl and Pakora. I’ve been enjoying cooking many of my favourite Indian foods since arriving home.

Yoga News

My Oval Yoga Classes have now moved to a temporary new home at Woodchurch Leisure Centre in Carr Bridge Road whilst the refurbishment progresses. This may be until February 2017.

The Spring Yoga Retreat weekend dates have now been announced see our Weekends & Retreats page