We began a new lunar cycle this week as we welcomed the new moon in Leo on Monday. Its energy felt more solid, a welcome improvement, Yoga students have seen increased energy.  It’s also been the ancient festival of Lammas this week too, welcoming the first harvest.

In the yoga studios I need to replace my Yoga mat: It picked up a stone making a small hole which quickly grew into a bigger hole.  I’ve found a few little stones in different gyms this week with my feet, ouch!

I’ve taught extra classes this week which is nice to reconnect with different students I meet occasionally but I much prefer my 90 minute classes to the shorter hour only classes. It never ceases to amaze me though that people feel the need to rush off 3-5 minutes early when they would really benefit from a few minutes relaxation.

My classes never run over time, it’s been embedded in my psyche that it’s my job to start and finish on time.

In my longer classes I’ve led a short 15-20 minute Yoga Nidra practice again which is deeply relaxing physically as well as mentally. I will be bringing downloadable relaxations including Yoga Nidra practice to the website very soon. Meanwhile my Yoga Nidra essence brings the vibration of the practice in an easy to use format. It’s available through the website.

We marked the new moon in Leo by practising the Lion breath in all 7 classes this week. I’m extremely pleased that so many entered into it wholeheartedly and roared like a lion, particularly my Saturday morning class were just a little bit scary.

I have some exciting news for a future Yoga offering I will be bringing to my followers, it’s in the very early planning stage just now but it’s something I’m really looking forward to sharing with you very soon.


In the Treatment Room

This week massage has been the most popular treatment by far.

This time of year, I find it’s often teaching staff who need support. Those who take the time for self-care and value their health are able to rebalance body and mind after the stresses of work allowing healing and preventing serious illness. There’s been tension to work with in necks, shoulders upper and lower backs.

I do practise what I preach and regularly have treatments myself to support the issues I experience from old injuries and any new ones too. I also take daily flower essences and Aromatherapy products to support myself.


Products of the week

I’ve been making bespoke products requested for support of menopausal hot flushes using essential oils and flower essences, verruca’s and soothing dry eczema skin cream. I use wonderful ingredients including shea butter, calendula, Hypericum and essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile and Rose.

I managed to get away for a couple of nights into the countryside with my family away from technology to rest and recharge.

Are you taking time to care for yourself?