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Schools are returning with more next week. As children, parents and teachers settle back into familiar routines there are changes ahead; whether it’s starting, changing or leaving school, some find it easier than others.

This is the ideal time to check in with what’s happening in your life and assess whether It’s going in the right direction. If it’s not heading the way you’d like, plant the seeds now for the future you wish to attract. The New Moon in Virgo was on Thursday 1st September, a time to release, reset and realise your future. Let go of things you’re holding on to whether it’s physical clutter or outdated beliefs.

Yoga Studio

Students are returning to their Yoga mats after the summer holidays and all classes have been busy. The focus has been back health a very common issue. Whilst the relaxation focused on releasing of old habits and outdated beliefs and attracting the positive into our experience.

As we head to the shorter days of Autumn it’s time to think about self-nurturing allowing the body to stay healthy and function as best as it can.  Maybe it’s time to try some yoga, whether you’re new to it or well-practised we have events to get you started.

Next Weekend

Our Yoga day in central Wirral has a few spaces available book your space here http://www.thelavenderroom.co.uk/classes/

Book a place in our Weekend Retreat 30/9-2/10 or a Retreat Week in Bordeaux 2017


In The Treatment Room

There’s been a mixture of treatments this week but Sinus problems seem to be taking the lead. Hopi Ear candle treatments are popular again, they help release the pressure of sinus issues. We have a combination of essential oils that help relieve painful sinus symptoms and can help clear any infection too.

The word I’ve been hearing a lot this week is Overwhelm, with Yoga students, friends and Clients.

Whether you’re needing support to find direction or dealing with big changes or overwhelm Flower Essences can really help.

3 Flower Essences for Change and Overwhelm.      Overwhelm essence photos




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