8th October 2016


The weather has felt cooler this week and the theme running through my yoga classes has been Nurturing. If we take a moment to observe what’s happening in nature around us, as the trees and plants begin to slow down, preserving energy, nurturing ready for the winter awaiting the spring. We by contrast instead of preserving our energies and slowing down spend this time of the year busy hurtling around busy, busy stressing about Christmas.

Give your body a chance to work efficiently by taking time to regularly nurture yourself daily, weekly or monthly at the very least. Whether it’s a soothing bath with therapeutic essential oils like Clary Sage, Lavender, Chamomile or one of our Relaxation blends try reading a book, taking a walk out in nature, a sure fire way of recharging your batteries as well as releasing stress and anxiety.


In the Yoga Studio

We have been working with a gentle, practical sequence of postures designed to work subtly and gradually to stretch, relax and release tension in the body and mind. There have been quite a few new Yoga students in classes this week so this gentle basic introduction has been a great introduction to Yoga.

Interest is growing for the Yoga Retreat I am holding in South West France neat Bordeaux in June next year at the fabulous venue I recently visited. Checkout the photos on the website www.thelavenderroom.co.uk/classes/

We’ll explore ways of self- nurturing and relaxation using therapies and Yoga techniques at our Yoga Day this month on 30th October as we move into the shorter days. To book a place click the link. www.thelavenderroom.co.uk/classes/