Friday 9th September 2016which-way-sign-post-11-sept-2016

Today saw a special day energetically with a numerology of the number 9 repeated three times. This vibration supports and urges us to release the things which are holding us back keeping us stuck into old patterns of beliefs. The power of these strong vibrations have been felt by many who would not usually be aware of subtle energies.

Have you felt exhausted or been itching to get rid, release change things physically, emotionally or spiritually?

In the Yoga Studio

There have been some temporary changes here. I taught 2 Yoga classes in our temporary space of a squash court. This was rather snug and also noisy whilst a squash game thundered away in the next court. We had glaring lights overhead and a particularly noisy extractor fan clanging away. What was the lesson for us all here? To be mindful? To find our own sense of peace? For gratitude that we usually have a quiet space with room to practice?

The second class was a far better experience, the lights were out, the extractor off, no squash game and we placed the mats out before everyone arrived. We had a cosy, if a little warm experience that was perfectly acceptable. Let’s hope it’s a similar experience for the next few months throughout the refurbishment.

We worked with more back releasing postures as well as hip opening work and as it was noisy, we did a guided foot massage on our own feet where I highlighted relevant Reflexology points, foot massage is particularly useful for relaxation.

I was also challenged covering last minute for another teacher in a space that was not conducive to yoga practise. The space is large with unbelievably high ceilings, a glass wall into the frantic gym floor and mirrors all around to reflect all of the busy-ness we try to distance ourselves from in Yoga practise. The students struggle to hear as my voice was drowning amongst the dreadful acoustics. I managed to deliver an appropriate lesson and received positive feedback and requests to return which is good to hear after such difficult conditions.


In the Treatment Room

Popular treatments this week have been Massage for tension in neck, shoulders and for sciatic pain as well as Hopi Ear Candle treatments for sinus problems.

Our Essential oil blends bring fantastic products to support your experiences in the treatment room. Our bottle of magic Sinus support blend is the very best option I’ve come across for releasing the symptoms many suffer as the seasons change to the damper autumn days.

Other Products requests have been our Positive Magic Rollerball for lifting our vibration when we’re feeling low and also for bringing the flow towards us. Whether you need your invoices paid or opportunities in business, job opportunities give it a try.

Full Moon Special offer

As we move towards the full moon next Friday I will be celebrating another birthday and I’m offering a limited number of personal consultations via skype to guide you on how to get unstuck, move forward, find direction using nature’s support of Flower Essences and Essential oils.

The first 5 people to book their consultation will receive a special personal guidance for a very special Birthday Full Moon price of just £29. Contact via for a link to my online diary to book your special consultation.