Friday 29th July 2016       beach-1479411_1280

This week has seen changes in my regular yoga classes with many heading off for summer holidays. Classes have been generally quieter and there’s been lots of new students experiencing Yoga for the first time. I love it when people find their way to a yoga class that first time; I feel privileged to lead them through their first experience with a safe progressive practice that includes meditation, pranayama and relaxation.

The theme connecting classes this week has seen many students experiencing low energy and fatigue so the practice was gentle, restorative and gradually built to a short sequence that included a few couple of cheeky down facing dogs and a tree variation balance.

A deep relaxation in the form of a short Yoga Nidra practice (yogic sleep) was well received, some even managed to not fall asleep.


In the Treatment room this week it’s mostly been Reflexology for ongoing whole body support using grounding essential oils in shea butter leaving the feet feeling soft and cherished and Aromatherapy massage for tired aching muscles.

Tips for bring more Relaxation into your life?

  • Meditation- Sit quietly and breathe, watch your breath flow. As thoughts arise let them go.
  • Walk in Nature particularly walk barefoot on grass. Try the 100 footstep challenge
  • Yoga Nidra Essence – a Lavender Room Environmental essence. Add a few drops to water & sip.
  • Schedule “me time” use it to read, walk, take a bath in essential oil, do some yoga.
  • Calming Rollerball, Room spray Lavender Room products
  • Lavender, chamomile, Clary Sage essential oils
  • Also coming soon to the website is a download of Yoga Nidra audio
  • Relaxation visualisation Audios
  • Book onto a Yoga & Relaxation retreat with us

I will be teaching 2 additional Yoga classes next week Monday 10:15-11:15 West Kirby Concourse & Friday 10-11am at Guinea Gap. It’s best to book as I know these venues are usually quite busy. I will still be teaching my usual 5 classes Wed, Thurs & Saturday.

I hope to see you soon.