12th August 2016

The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, they show if we haven’t been kind to ourselves. We just don’t blink enough as we stare at screens for extended periods of time. The act of blinking lubricates the eye keeping it healthy. This week people have been telling me about the problems they’ve experienced with eyes feeling tired or sore.eye photo

In the Yoga Studio

We’ve worked the whole body as usual, hamstring stretches, hip opening, backbends and a cheeky squat or two, twists and upper body strength with Dolphin pose.

Focusing on the eyes we explored some wonderful eye exercises that help to keep eye muscles working more efficiently, Using palming to soothe, heal and energise the eyes. The quiet work included Trataka (candle gazing) Practice, a treat for tired or sore eyes followed by a gentle relaxation.


5 Tips to care for your Eyes

  1. Get enough sleep. (This helps on so many levels with many issues.)
  2. Bathe eyes with warm water, daily
  3. Exercise your eye muscles – move eyes slowly from opposite corners looking up, then down. Do left, right & central.
  4. Palming (Rub palms together, create heat & Prana. Cover closed eyes with the palms & open eyes and absorb that soothing heat & vitality}
  5. Eat more Blueberries. They contain huge quantities of antioxidants.

In The Treatment Room.reflexology photo

This week there’s been an equal mix of Aromatherapy massage and Reflexology treatments. They are probably the two most popular treatments recently.

How to choose which to have you may wonder, my thoughts are that massage is particularly good if you’re feeling tight, tired or aching muscles whereas Reflexology is great for internal issues such as digestive issues, hormonal problems or when you don’t feel quite right and you’re not sure of a specific problem.

A Reflexology treatment is usually given on the feet and this works to reverse energetic imbalance in the body before it develops into a physical problem. I use wonderful shea butter infused with essential oils for my treatments which adds another dimension to the treatment. Reflexology has seen good results with infertility issues.


We have 2 Yoga events coming up next month, a wonderful weekend in Llandudno, opposite the sea front. 30th September- 2nd October. Our hotel provides fabulous food, friendly staff and comfortable accommodation.

The yoga is well-paced and spread throughout the day, suitable for beginners as well as existing yogis. There are a few places left as many attendees rebook for the next one.

If you can’t get away for a weekend there’s a 1 Day Yoga event in central Wirral on Sunday 11th September 11-4:30pm where we get to spend time with more of the relaxation practices as well as the usual physical Asana posture work.

Find out more information here

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