Yoga Goddess Workshop Series

The Divine Goddess collection

Join me at Birkenhead Sea Cadets building
Park Road East, Birkenhead CH41 4BE from 2pm to 4pm

This special series of workshops weaves the magical stories of Yoga Goddesses into yoga practise.

Over the whole series you discover the origin of each Goddess, her special powers, how she overcame unsurmountable obstacles in intelligent, cunning or powerful ways in battle.

The Goddesses you will meet over this series are:

  • Durga
  • Lakshmi
  • Parvitti
  • Saraswati
  • Ganga Mata (Great Mother)

Uncover their story, unravel the symbols relating to them, their special powers and how they used them.

Be inspired by them, invoke them, weave their bravery or personality trait to improve your experience.

Yoga practice will include Postures, Mantra and Meditation all themed around the chosen Goddess’s story.


COST: £25 per Goddess Session.

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Meet the Yoga Goddess Lakshmi

The Goddess of Good Fortune, Wealth and Prosperity

Workshop 2 is dedicated to Lakshmi, created by the churning of the oceans, she represents Abundance, Beauty, Grace, Boundless, Bountiful and all things bright and lush.

    • She has 4 arms
    • Wears a bright red sari
    • Travels on a lotus flower

    Connecting with life pursuits- Moksha, Dharma, Artha and Kama.

    When we’re feeling depleted, lack of inspiration, missing beauty, fertility or wealth in our life, we need to invoke the Goddess Lakshmi.

    What to expect from the session:

    Yoga practice will include Postures, Mantra and Meditation all themed around the Goddess Lakshmi’s story.

    • Beauty abounds
    • Grace
    • Heart’s desire
    • Delight in abundance of nature

    We’ll explore the depths of Lakshmi’s story and the strong, subtle areas that she represents. Find insights into how we can enhance our life by adopting the beautiful connection to the self, liberating our heart’s desire.

    “We celebrate and welcome Abundance with Goddess Lakshmi who allows our dreams to become a reality.”

    Goddess Durga Testimonial

    Firstly, I really enjoyed doing face to face yoga with my regular teacher.

    I found the story of Durga fascinating and loved the way that the workshop was structured. I loved that you shared the story then translated it into something understandable and meaningful.

    The Asana practise (postures) were great, I enjoyed the hip work and a learned a new version of Warrior.

    The journaling was a good idea, the 3 simple questions were great and helped consolidate my thoughts around work life balance.

    I enjoyed it very much and the theme running through the workshop.

    Jackie Roycroft

    Introducing your teacher for the Yoga Goddess Wokshops

    Over 12 years teaching and constantly learning, delving into the many diverse subjects within yoga I am fascinated by the world of the great Yoga philosophical texts the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

    I was fortunate to learn from a teacher passionate about the female Deities, Deva’s and Goddesses; how strong and powerful they were and able to overcome incredible hardship in such a male dominated world.

    I enjoyed hearing the fables, of super powers, demon and gods and how the symbolism can be adapted into modern day living to help us have the edge.

    Taking inspiration from these powerful Deities and Goddesses I created a series of Goddess Workshops where we explore a single Goddess in depth. Each workshop will include relevant postures, mantra, meditation and journaling around the stories and how we can use this in our own life.

    Diane, Yoga Teacher