Experience Yoga with Diane

So many different styles of Yoga Class can make it difficult to know what it really is and whether it’s for you.

Many people are put off by the images of trendy, stick-thin Yogis in designer Lycra, tying themselves in knots or balancing in impossible positions.

My classes are not like this at all!

Firstly I don’t look like your stereotypical Yoga teacher; I have curves in some of the wrong places.

I am passionate about introducing people to yoga for the first time and teaching them to practice safely.

Yoga Classes and more...

We offer classes, retreats and workshops so that you can exprience yoga in different ways, enabling you to get the best for YOU.

Throughout my extensive Yoga teaching career I’ve worked with mixed ability students where absolute beginners practise alongside experienced Yogis.

The biggest challenge is convincing people to ignore the ego wanting us to compete and listen for the quiet signals from the body, informing us when a posture doesn’t suit.

You are always welcome to pop over and join on of my Classes to experience the difference for yourself.

Structure of my Yoga Classes

I teach 90-minute classes to give you the full benefits of Yoga.  We start with a quiet grounding and letting go of the day, leading to preparatory postures to warm up the whole body before working into deeper stretches.

I offer you a range of variations of posture to ease off the intensity or deepen it depending on your individual needs.

We finish the class with a decent length of quieter work with pranayama (breathing) practice or meditation before a good 15-20 minutes of relaxation. This is the most valuable part of the practise. We lead such busy lives we rarely take time to be still and quiet.

After getting great feedback and requests for audios to listen to at home I have created a downloadable audio relaxation for you to enjoy. 


Yoga Classes, Events and Retreats

You can choose from a range of Weekly Classes across Wirral.

If you would like the opportunity to explore more deeply some of the practises we don’t get much chance to experience in the weekly classes I offer longer events like the Yoga Goddess Workshops.

You can treat yourself to one our relaxing Spring and Autumn Weekend Breaks held in peaceful North Wales.

If you don’t have time for a longer weekend away then you can take advantage of our fabulous Yoga Days, held once or twice a year in Wirral.

Yoga Classses