Holistic Therapies to combat Stress in the Workplace

Acupressure massage -seated and clothed.

Todays busy offices are often a place of stress and many employees end up having more time off due to stress related illness than in the past.  It’s time to take action and help relieve stress in your work place.  There are many therapies avaialbe that can be carried out in the office enviroment and help reduce stress levels and increase moral.

On-Site Massage
Seated Acupressure massage is received fully clothed on a comfortable massage chair. Ideal for treatment in the workplace, it leaves you energised yet relaxed.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress absenteeism
  • Reduced repetitive strain injury.
  • Increased staff morale

This is a cost effective way of improving employee well being. Our national network of therapists gives us coverage across the UK for treatments at work or to attract visitors to your stand at exhibitions or trade shows.

Stress Management
With a wealth of knowledge and experience in stress reduction and its prevention spanning more than 12 years. We offer stress management seminars offering an interactive style of delivery giving delegates real practical skills that they can take away and use in their daily lives to manage and address their stress causing issues.

Gentle postures that promote flexibility and strength; mobilise stiff joints. Introduces breathing techniques that can reduce effects of stress in our lives. Relaxation practice is invaluable as many people have difficulty in relaxing in modern society. We offer regular corporate classes or one off health days. Individual sessions and general classes.

Holistic Life Coaching
Does your life lack direction? Do you need to focus on achieving outcomes in your personal or business life? Our Holistic coaches can guide you towards achieving your specific goals whether it’s a new career or a change of lifestyle we can help.

To discuss your company’s requirements please call our consultant on 0845-241-9631.