Holistic therapies and natural treatments for Wirral


Natural and Holistic therapies are about treating the whole person using a range of various complementary treatments.

These treatments encourage the body’s natural tendency to heal itself by supporting the natural energy flow through the body.

Stress and muscular pain
If you are feeling stressed out or are suffering from aches and pains then you may consider having a relaxing aromatherapy session with us.  We will use a unique blend of natural oils specific to you and massage techniques to help relive muscle tension.

Migraines, headaches, digestive  issues and other internal ailments
What ever your physical ailment may be then reflexology may be the answer your are seeking.  Although reflexology treats the whole body we can concentrate of a specific area that may be troubling you.

Face, neck and shoulder tension
If you are suffering from excessive tension in your face, neck or shoulders then you will enjoy an Indian head massage.  This relaxing therapy concentrates on the scalp and can be done with or without natural oils.

Sinus, ear pain and throat issues
If you have chronic sinus issues, problems with your ears or just a general feeling of stuffyness in your head then you should consider having Hopi ear candles.  This relaxing therapy clears the ear, nose and throat passages and can relieve sinus symptoms, rhinitis, deafness and even alleviate migraines and severe headaches.

Just need to recharge your batteries?
Reiki is a non invasive treatment that restores the body’s natural flow of energy and helps give you that boost you need.

If you aren’t sure which treatment you want then give us a call on 0845-241-9631 to discuss the options.