Indian Head Massage


A Relaxing Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage for total stress relief

Soothe away the stress and tension that a busy modern life creates with an Indian Head Massage. A full hour long body massage is sometimes not possible or not appropriate and having an Indian head massage is a great alternative.

The benefits of this ancient treatment are both physical and mental relaxing both body and mind.  Indian head massage is good for treating:

  • headaches and migraines
  • sinus issues and ear pain
  • stress related illness
  • insomnia and sleep disorders
  • general aches and pains

The benefits of a relaxing Indian head massage include:

  • increased suppleness and flexibility to the neck and shoulders
  • increased blood circulation to the scalp improving hair quality
  • improved muscle tone
  • calming of the respiratory system helping asthma
  • clearer thinking and focus

Indian head massage can be done without oils so it is suitable to perform in an office environmnet when a full body massage would not be appropriate.  Including aromatherpay oils into an Indian head massage increases the benefits and the pleasure leaving a sense of calm and total relaxation.

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