Menopause Moments Journey

Let the Journey Begin


Thank you for your interest in my online training. I am delighted you are passionate about discovering ways of supporting yourself through the Peri-Menopause and Menopause


During the online training I shared with you a special Webinar Only Offer of a £200 discount on my 12 week- 6 Module Menopause Moments Programme. 

You can get started now for just £297 via the button below:


Or pay by installments of 3 payments of £100 (total payment of £300) – your first payment will be taken today and the following 3 at the same time on the following months


To recap for you here is what is included in your 12 week programme: 6 Modules of comprehensive training workbooks delivered via online training materials.

Over the 12 weeks you’ll receive easy to follow workbooks written especially to take you through a process of understanding your current situation and what simple processes or changes you can make to significantly improve this.


Special Webinar Bonus

Receive a Menopause care starter kit containing Natural products specifically designed to support Women’s health (Value £50)

  • Flower Essence combination bottle
  • A “Balance body Lotion” containing a blend of Essential oils


Specific modules to help you understand your unique body type (Constitution) in relation to the ancient Eastern healing art of Ayurveda.

This valuable knowledge gives great insight into understanding your body, mood, personality and other personal traits.

Armed with this knowledge you’re able to balance seemingly unrelated or unresolved symptoms in simple ways.

(£115 Value)


Understand the forgotten Natural Rhythms and cycles of life which effect you daily. How to recognise and use to them in the best way for your situation.


(£75 Value)


Delve deep into understanding relationships:-

Physical, Emotional, Energetic, Virtual, Romantic

(£60 Value)


 Discover Nature’s Apothecary- A Treasury of Supportive Flowers..

Learn to use Supportive Flowers through Aromatherapy and Essential oils as well as through Vibrational Medicine in the form of Flower Essences.

(£120 Value)


Create A Self-care package

Consolidating your knowledge with a bespoke self-care package using the skills from multiple disciplines. Nurture your body, mind spirit and make a huge difference in your life experience letting go of irritating unwanted symptoms.


Single Payment

Payment in Installments