Sleep Superpower Workshops

Regain a regular sleep pattern.
Many women will experience bouts of insomnia from time to time,
but menopause-related insomnia can last for weeks or even months
and is caused by fluctuating hormone levels that affect us both
physically and emotionally.

It’s time to fight back and reclaim the power of sleep!

Sleep Superpower Workshop

New dates and Venues soon for 2023

If you’re finding it hard to sleep these days, you need the Sleep Superpower Workshop in your life!

Join me for a 2½ hour workshop that is packed full of information, including:

  • An array of tools to support better sleep
  • The anatomy of Sleep
  • Yoga – Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra Ayurveda – Massage and golden “milk”
  • Vibrational healing “Medicine”
  • Essential oils & Flower essences
  • Lifestyle hacks
It’s time to reclaim the power of sleep as one of your many superpowers!