Yoga Nidra Essence


Yoga Nidra Essence brings you the deeply relaxing experience of “Yogic Sleep”


Yoga Nidra

Is a deeply relaxing technique used within Yoga is often translated as meaning yogic sleep. It is a method of systematically relaxing body & mind using visualisation and journeying around the body. There’s a fine line between sleep and wakefulness and the challenge can be to stay the wakeful side of the line during the traditional practice.
This deeply relaxing experience can benefit those struggling to find peace, tranquility and elusive sleep.

Yoga Nidra Product Range

Our Yoga Nidra range of products provide different options of how to use this technique in a way that suits. We have the audio recording of a Yoga Nidra practise which can be used the traditional way by guiding the listener through the relaxation process. Additional products that can be used to support this experience Yoga Nidra Environmental Essence is an energetic blueprint of a Yoga Nidra Practice and can be used to bring about the still tranquility from this experience. Made in a similar way to Flower Essences it can be added to water or a few drops taken orally. If you enjoy using fragrance to find stillness we have two products that use essential oils along with the Yoga Nidra Environmental Essence. A handy Rollerball that can be easily carried with you and a 50ml Fragrant Room Spray can be used to create a tranquil environment.