Magical Menopause Meditation Series One


Special Introductory price for a limited time

A programme of relaxation audio meditations transformational for Women with busy lives and busy minds


This is the first in a series of  audio meditations designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

A set of downloadable Relaxation Meditations supplied with a PDF Meditation workbook to enhance your experience and guide you to get the most from your meditation practice. Whether you are a complete beginner or regularly meditate the workbook adds value to your experience.

The first Short Meditation is just under 6 minutes long and is a great introduction. This sets you up for a relaxing day or as great first experience.

Letting Go Meditation Guides you through a Yoga Nidra (or “Yogic sleep”) practice which systematically relaxes mind and body. The challenge is to stay awake or you could just use it at night to help you to sleep. (Length 38 minutes)

Muddled Mind Melting Medley- This audio combines a tutorial in two breathing techniques followed by a relaxation journey lasting a total of 41 minutes.