Menopause Naturally Module 4 Natural Support-Aromatherapy


Fourth module introduces Essential Oils to deliver natural support for Menopause symptoms


In this module you learn how to use Essential oils for Natural support.

Aromatherapy has become part of everyday language in the past 20-30 years but many still don’t realise how potent these powerful Pure Essential Oils can be. Thinking that they simply produce a nice fragrance that can be used as perfume or as air freshener.

Essential oils have wonderful properties eg. Lavender oil is great first aid for burns and it reduces scarring and Teatree is well known as an antibacterial and many apply it on spots as well as on Athletes foot.

This module introduces special blends of essential oils that are useful for hormonal balance whether it’s during puberty, after childbirth or through Peri-Menopause and Menopause. Discover essential oil blends that can relieve diverse symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, dry skin, hot flushes.

You can add the wisdom of Essential oils to the knowledge gained in the previous modules, particularly Flower Essences and really get a magical combination that works for you.

Flowers to the rescue again.